Working papers from


Special Consultative Meeting

June 3-5, 2003, Ottawa




WP/Ott./1        The Interrelationship between the Maritime Liability Conventions (IOPC Fund)

WP/Ott./2        Insurers and Insurance Certificates (Norway)

WP/Ott./3        HNSC and the Collision Convention, 1910 (Norway)

WP/Ott./4        The provision of Certificates of Responsibility (COFR) under the HNS Convention (P&I)

WP/Ott./5        Insurance Aspects of the HNS Convention (CEFIC)

WP/Ott./6        Discussion paper on the notion of “receiver” and “contributing cargo” under the HNS Convention (Netherlands)

WP/Ott./7        National Regulations on Reporting Requirements and Industry Concerns – the UK experience to date (UK)

WP/Ott./8        Responsibility of States Parties in Respect of Compliance and Verification (Canada)

WP/Ott./9        Preparations for Implementation of the HNS Convention in the Republic of Korea (Republic of Korea)

WP/Ott./10      Preparations for the setting up of the HNS Fund (IOPC Fund)

Unumbered      Letter from ICS



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