Maritime Law Contracts (JUS5401) 2010 Fall Term - Erik Røsæg

Here are the slides for the (one) lecture I give in Maritime Law Contracts this term:

  • Ships, Nationality and Registration - PowerPoint-format
  • Ships, Nationality and Registration - Open Office-format

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    I publish podcasts of my lectures (unedited recordings intended for those who have been present); see below.

    Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you with.

    Best of luck!

    Monday 5 September:

    An observant student pointed out that there is a "not" to much in the end of the fourth line at page 45 in the Falkanger/Bull textbook. Below are my podcasts. I am sorry for the bad cound quality.

    Download (right-click in Windows, hold down mouse button in Mac)