Subject: AW: Athens Correspondence Group (IMO Legal Committee): [Fwd: FW: Athens]

From: "Stabinger Fritz"

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 11:40:46 +0200


To: Erik Røsæg , "Athen-korrgr"

CC: "Tony Nunn"

Dear Erik

thank you for your e-mail of just now.

May I also point out that Marsh agreed during one of our informal gatherings where

you were also present to let us have a sample insurance slip which would make it

possible to see, black on white, what is really proposed and what exclusions Marsh

would intend to stipulate.

As far as IUMI is concerned, this sample slip is still missing.

I do think that only this document will make it possible to really talk as opposed

to suppose and assume.


Best regards





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