[Oslo, 26 January, 2006]


Dear Correspondents,

All the best for the (relatively) new year.

The remaining insurance issues concerning the Athens Convention, 2002, will hopefully be resolved at the next session of the Legal Committee. In order to facilitate the discussions, Norway in its capacity as the coordinator of the Correspondence Group hereby invites to informal consultations in Brussels 20 February, 2006, at noon. Obviously, it would not be convenient for all Correspondents to attend this meeting, but it appears that at least some interested parties can combine this with a seminar the next day. All Correspondents will, of course, be advised of any proposals and progress made by email.

The venue will be announced shortly. Could you please give me an indication if you would be interested in attending this meeting?

Erik Røsæg




Responses distributed to the Correspondence Group (not all are distributed in this way):


I confirm that the International Group of P&I Clubs will be represented at the meeting on 20th February.

Lloyd Watkins



Dear Erik -

thank you for your e-mail of just now.

Unfortunately IUMI will not be able to travel to Brussels on 20th February.

I am, however, happy that IGP will meet you in Brussels - they will defend

insurers' interests which also includes IUMI.


Best regards

Fritz [Stabinger]