Subject: FW: Digital registration of rights in land
From: "McHugh, Peter"
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 13:24:00 +ACs-0100
CC: "O'Sullivan, John"

Dear Professor Rosaeg,

Our ICT Manager John O'Sullivan asked me to contact you with regard to your email of June 4th. My name is Peter McHugh and I am Project Manager of the Property Registration Authority's eRegistration Project. I would be happy to share any information with you that may be of benefit to your work of digital registration. I've briefly outlined our current position below.

We too also have an online service delivery channel,, where our customers can inspect the register including our maps. We also have an electronic lodgement facility (the eForm 17), where customers can lodge applications for registration, but this must be followed up by the requisite paper documents. 44+ACU- of all applications are currently lodged using this facility, which is of great benefit to us.

We have recently gone live with a system for the electronic lodgement of discharges of registered charges, known as eDischarges (see This is the first element of eConveyancing to go live in Ireland. The system was launched three months ago and the majority of commercial lenders have already signed up. eDischarges has been very successful to date, with electronic applications accounting for almost 30+ACU- of the total number of discharge applications lodged. We attribute much of this success to the relationships we built up with the two main stakeholders in the discharge process, the Law Society and the Irish Banking Federation. We adopted a partnership model very early on, which enabled us to get full support from both groups throughout the course of the project and also allowed us to develop a system that was fit for purpose and met the users requirements.

In parallel with this we are just finishing a project to bring the last remaining imaged folios into a structured electronic format. A folio contains information on each land parcel such as location, rights, quality of title, ownership and burdens. This will be completed next month. Our register comprises approx. 1.9m individual folios.

Our five year digital mapping project, where 2.6 million registered land parcels are being converted from a paper mapping record will be completed in June 2010. 

Also, land certificates (documents required to be lodged in any dealings by the registered owner) will cease to have effect from January 1st 2010. We have also extended our programme of compulsory registration to 24 of our 26 counties. We estimate that over 95+ACU- of our land mass and 87.5+ACU- of titles are now registered in the Land Registry

All of the above will allow us move into the next phase of electronic registration, which will most likely be the electronic registration of charges. 

If you want to discuss this further in more detail or if you have any specific questions, then please do no hesitate to contact me at this email address or by telephone on 00353 1 4188571.

Peter McHugh
eRegistration Project Manager
Property Registration Authority.

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An t+ANo-dar+AOE-s Cl+AOE-r+APo-ch+AOE-in Maoine

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C+AOk- go ndearnadh an r+AO0-omhphost seo a sheice+AOE-il le haghaidh v+AO0-reas, moltar duit do sheice+AOE-il f+AOk-in a dh+AOk-anamh le haghaidh v+AO0-reas sula n-oscla+AO0-onn t+APo- aon teachtaireachta+AO0- n+APM- aon iat+AOE-in. N+AO0- ghlacann an t+ANo-dar+AOE-s Cl+AOE-r+APo-ch+AOE-in Maoine le haon dliteanas n+AOE- le haon chaillteanas a tharl+APM-dh mar thoradh ar v+AO0-reas bogearra+AO0-. 

Chun eolas a fh+AOE-il ar +AOE-r n-eagra+AO0-ocht agus ar na seirbh+AO0-s+AO0- a chuirimid ar f+AOE-il, t+AOk-igh chuig

From: O'Sullivan, John=20
Sent: 04 June 2009 18:19
To: ''
Cc: McHugh, Peter
Subject: Re: Digital registration of rights in land

Dear Professor Rosaeg,

Many thanks for your message and please forgive the brief nature of my resp=
onse. I'm away on holidays at the moment.=20

Just like the situation in Norway, we in Ireland are, indeed, working on th=
e same issues and would be delighted to exchange experiences and help in an=
y way we can. When I return to the office on 15th June I will contact you a=
gain and provide some details on what we refer to as our eRegistration and =
eConveyancing projects. I am also copying this response to our eRegistratio=
n project manager Peter McHugh.=20

I look forward to providing whatever assistance we can with your project.=

Kind regards,

John O'Sullivan
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From: Erik R=F8s=E6g +ACY-lt;;
To: O'Sullivan, John +ACY-lt;;
Sent: Thu Jun 04 14:12:41 2009
Subject: Digital registration of rights in land

Dear Mr O'Sullivan,

The Norwegian Ministry of Justice has asked me to chair a working group
on digital registration of rights in land. We have already a quite well
functioning land registry. The registry itself is available on line, and
the underlying documents are to some extent scanned and filed as digital
records. The next step would be to open the way for digitally signed
electronic records to replace paper documents altogether, so that, e.g.,
title deeds and mortgage documents will be abolished altogether.

I write to you because I wonder whether you have done something similar.
In that case, I would very much like to learn from your experience.
Could you please provide the relevant information or references?

Yours sincerely,
Erik R=F8s=E6g

	Professor Erik R=F8s=E6g (Rosaeg)
	Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law
	University of Oslo
	POB 6706 St. Olavs plass
	N-0130 Oslo, Norway
	Visiting address:
	  Room 403, St Olavs gt 23 (entrance from Pilestredet)
   	Tel: () 2285 9752 - () 4800 2979
	Fax: () 9476 0189