Rotterdam Rules

This is an index of somewarsaw information and URLs relevant to the Rotterdam Rules (formerly UNCITRAL's work on Transport Law). The purpose of the website is to provide texts and background materials relating to the work. It is provided by the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.
Documents are added as time permits. Some files are in the .pdf format.
Erik Røsæg

  • Correspondence Group on the implementation of the Rotterdam Rules

  • Corrected Text of the Rotterdam Rules - English

  • The official (uncorrected) text of the Rotterdam Rules - all languages
  • Modifications to the official text: Proposal - Adoption
  • Signatures and ratifications

  • Documents at the UNCITRAL website - Working Group stage
  • Documents at the UNCITRAL website - Commision Stage

    Implementation measures

  • Norway

  • Denmark

    Background materials


  • Sea transport: BIMCO charterparties and bills of lading
  • Sea transport: Hague-Visby Rules
  • Sea transport: Hamburg Rules
  • Sea transport: Global Limitation: LLMC 1976
  • Sea transport: Global Limitation: LLMC 1996

  • Transport by inland waterways: Budapest Convention
  • Transport by inland waterways: Global Limitation: Strasbourg Convention 1988

  • Rail transport: CIM
  • Rail transport: International Rail Transport Committee

  • Road transport: CMR 1956
  • Road transport: CMR 1978
  • Road transport: e-CMR
  • Road transport: Travaux préparatoires to the CMR
  • CMR Commentary

  • Air transport: Montreal Convention
  • Air transport: Montreal Convention. Increase of limits
  • Air transport: Warsaw system, etc.

  • Multimodal transport: UN Convention
  • Multimodal transport: Andean Community
  • Multimodal transport: Andean Community, modification
  • Multimodal transport: USA: Carmack amendment
  • Multimodal transport: USA: Carmack amendment (rail)
  • Multimodal transport: Germany: BGH
  • Draft Convention on international multimodal transport of goods in the Arab Mashreq
  • Multimodal transport: UNCTAD/ICC Rules
  • Multimodal transport: Implementation of Multimodal Transport Rules (UNCTAD 2001)
  • Multimodal transport: Multimodal Transport: The Feasibility of an international Legal Instrument (UNCTAD 2003)

  • Port operators: UN Convention

  • Freight forwarding: FIATA
  • Freight forwarding: FIATA Model Rules
  • Freight forwarding: FIATA Documents download
  • Freight forwarding:
  • Freight forwarding: NSAB 2015

  • Electronic trade: CMI Rules
  • Electronic trade: Bolero
  • Electronic trade: essDOCS
  • Electronic trade: UN/CEFACT
  • Electronic trade: Digital Signatures Directive
  • Electronic trade: E-commerce Directive
  • Electronic trade: UNCITRAL working group stage
  • Electronic trade: UNCITRAL adopted texts

    Work of other bodies

  • CMI draf, 2001
  • US: Senate draft COGSA, 1999

  • COM(2007) 606 The EU's freight transport agenda: Boosting the efficiency, integration and sustainability of freight transport in Europe (-> PreLex)
  • COM(2006) 336 Freight Transport Logistics in Europe - The key to sustainable mobility
  • EU on Multimodal transport
  • Integrated Services in the Intermodal Chain (ISIC) Final Report Task B: Intermodal liability and documentation
  • Single document and standard liability study
  • Comments to the above by the Danish Shipowners' Association


  • Bibliography
  • Erling Eide: Rettsøkonomiske analyser av forslaget til ny sjøtransportkonvensjon
  • Erik Røsæg: Conflicts of Conventions in the Rotterdam Rules